• Location

    Sober Island Resort consists of charlets and luxury rooms, a fully functional restaurant and a club house, sun decks set amids a resplendent isle surrounded by the ocean. It is located within the Trincomalee harbour and can be accessed from the Sri Lanka Navy dockyard. The harbour is regarded as a one of the largest natural harbours in the world. This once derelict buildings within the island are now fully refurbished and operated to the highest standard welcoming guests since 2012. The resort today is a far cry from the days it was a colonial hairloom of the British. Its Panoramic view of the harbour and small islands around it makes this a compelling destination in Trincomalee to capture a vantage point .

  • Transportations
    Trincomalee to Sober Island Resort 4.4 Km
    Jaffna to Trincomalee 235 Km
    Anuradhapura to Trincomalee 103 Km
    Arugambay to Trincomalee 248 Km
    Colombo to Trincomalee 258 Km
    Kandy to Trincomalee 181 Km
  • The Boat Travelling Times
    Arrival Time (To Sober Island Resort)
    1400 Hrs
    1600 Hrs
    1800 Hrs
    Departure Time (From Sober Island Resort)
    0800 Hrs
    1000 Hrs
Sober Island Resort
  • Sober Island Resort
  • Sober Island Resort
  • Sober Island Resort
  • Sober Island Resort
  • Swimming Pool - Sober Island Resort