The Hotel

Sober Island Resort

The Sober Island, located within environment of the magnificent Trincomalee harbour is part of a selected band of properties in Sri Lanka which is home to an island resort. The Sober Island encompasses an envious pedigree with a tapestry woven around a rich history and nostalgia.

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Sober Island Resort - Restaurant - Bar

The restaurant, has not changed through the passage of time and still retains its rustic charms even to this date after being part of the architecture for decades. Today, the restaurant and the old clubhouse is fully refurbished and accommodates modern touches to serve its guests with traditional hospitality.

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Glorious History

History of Sober Island

Sober Island was first occupied by the French. "Admiral Jacob Blaquet de la Haye" in 1672 and by "Admiral Suffren" in 1782. The British took over the island after the Treaty of Paris in 1784 and later developed it for their military requirements and was essentially a military establishment.

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