The Hotel

The Sober Island, located within environs of the magnificent Trincomalee harbour is part of a selected band of properties in Sri Lanka which is home to an island resort. The Sober Island encompasses an envious pedigree with a tapestry woven around a rich history and nostalgia. It is well documented past states that it had been a major transit camp between Europe, Far East and South East Asia during the time of the British rule in Sri Lanka.

The island is not merely touristic in appeal but contain relics of a bye gone era magnifying its appeal as a much sought after destination.

Sober Island Resort is complete, unique in its design and blessed with a pristine tropical beach, jungle, historical artifacts and a near 360 degree views of the Trincomalee harbour from its highest point. Guest can enjoy the luxury accommodation with a World War II vintage bar and restaurant and the adventurous could indulge in hiking, sea bathing, diving, snorkeling, adventure sport, kayaking, angling, sailing, high speed boating, camping or simply enjoying the solitude of this quite hide- out amids the lush jungle whilst listening to the chirping of the birds. A small cricket pitch built by the Britishers in early 19th century and a tennis court is also available. Few would argue that this island resort is one of the least understated properties in Trincomalee district of the North - Eastern coast of Sri Lanka. For many it is an addictive lifestyle surrounded by the ocean and camaraderie rarely seen elsewhere. It is in essence the feeling of freedom which we all crave for.